Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scrap Etc. Atlanta!

(1)Me & Jenni Bowlin, (2)Me & Gretchen McElveen, (3)Me & Margie Romney-Aslett, (4)Me & the Gang -minus Beth & Stacy :-( and (5&6)Random bad shots.

Some friends and I just got back from a weekend long trip to Atlanta. An Alabama scrapbook store, Scrap Etc. puts on an awesome event every year and I have been lucky enough to go to three of them. These ladies at Scrap Etc are totally awesome. Although I do not know them personally (I think I'm kind of intimidated??), they are wonderful people and have hosted yet another great event. I got to rub elbows (aka take classes) with the best of the best ... Margie Romney-Aslett, Gretchen McElveen, Jenni Bowlin, Elizabeth Kartchner ... just to name a few. And I scored at the Silent Auction to benefit the Susan B. Komen Foundation! Ms. Gretchen McElveen herself will be completing a layout and a mini book for moi!!! I outbid a room full of women on some other things too but I can't remember what they are!! Now I just have to figure out what pictures to send Gretchen!!! uugghh...
Check out the pics above. Let's just say that Anna Bess was getting warmed up when you see pics with no heads.... (Love ya AB!)

Until next time... peace out.