Thursday, April 16, 2009


Guess what happened to me this morning on the way to Maddi's room? I stepped in cat crap and then puke. Sounds great right? What a way to start off your morning. Wait it gets better.

As I am drinking my coffee, slowly forgiving the cat for the presents it has left me this morning, I hear a noise on the porch. What is it you say? A friggin' litter of kittens hiding in my bushes! Do I really need this? Hell to the no!

So, I am disturbed about the poo stuff but who can resist a kitten? And when is the last time you found kittens in your garden and at least one of your children didn't beg you to keep them? Well friends, its not going to happen. Not in this house. Not now, not ever. I already have a cat that can't seem to remember where to excavate.

So now, those little furballs are in a box with a blanket and a bowl of food and water on my front porch. Momma cat, where are you??

Anyone want a kitten?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just add something else for me to do...

I have no idea why I decided to do a personal blog. This is just one more reason I have to be on the computer. Truth be known, I don't like the computer. I have to check personal email, my business email, husbands business email, my business website and blog and now this. Why, why, why? Can't really say that these posts will be interesting to you, or funny for that matter. It will mostly be whatever pops into my head. And probably written the way it would come out of my mouth. Sarcastic. Whatever. Read it or not.

Oh and that's a picture of me. Weren't my parents great? No wonder I started smoking at the age of 13. (quit about 3 years ago)